My Yukon! More Pics 2016

October 28th 2016: I've been thinking about branching out.

Meeting with the Honourable Larry Bagnell, Yukon Member of Parliament

to discuss animal rights protection in the Yukon

There's always something wonderful just out my back door.


September 28th 2016 The Royal Visit: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend a street party in Whitehorse Yukon. Prince William approached me looked me straight in the eye and said, "I suppose your hands are cold too!" I and I laughed as he shook my hand.

I always knew my prince would come.

Crowds on Main Street Whitehorse. It's zero degrees this morning but no one cares.

The Duchess of Cambridge. She is clearly a hit!


Prince Williams approaches an elder waiting patiently hoping he'll say hello.

 She'll remember this forever.

A second after I took this picture Prince William spoke to me and shook my hand.

It's not every day a future king shakes your hand.

The most gorgeous blue eyes ever!


September 19 2016: My travels down through the Chilkat Valley, Carcross Yukon.

Welcome To Carcross Yukon!

I never read signs....

             On To Haines Junction - Chilkat Valley - Haines Alaska!

                               Camper dwarfed by massive glacier.

The beauty of a mountain glacier.

Windswept mountain near Haines Alaska.


Dropping by my old haunt.

 The glory of Yukon fall! The Yukon feeds my soul.




November 16 2016: I was recently honoured to be featured in an article by Canada's premier lifestyle magazine NUVO: "The Poets Laureate of Canada. What does it mean to be a Canadian poet laureate?" *To view just point your browser to: ~~>

November 19 2016: A newly-added poem, "just because".



November 12 2016: "discovery" a poem that was recently published in an article by NUVO Magazine.

*Inspired by the image of a life-sized carving that portrayed an aboriginal man crouched in a forest to behold the first European footprint in North America, I wrote the following poem.


"discovery" – ©PJ Yukon October 1992




within the forests

of an old

and northern nation

a lone warrior

spent with tracking

pauses in the wind

to kneel among ferns

and cast an eye

upon the print

of one so foreign

that the wisdom

of millennia

and even the bones

of his ancestors

cannot comprehend



(“discovery” a poem by PJ Yukon from


August 8th 2016: Well I had a great time on my recent trip down to the bright lights of the B.C. Lower Mainland or as I call it 'The Big Smoke'. It's always an adventure to visit the big city but I'm equally delighted to return home to My Beautiful Yukon! Here are a few highlights of my trip.


I met up with the great folks at Poetry New West where I made some new friends and reconnected with others!

I was pleased to share a few of my creative compositions.

I enjoyed a stay at the RiverRock Hotel & Casino.

I went into Vancouver to play for awile.

I had a great bike ride around Stanley Park and a quick game of hide n' seek....

 And it's back home to the Yukon. Ready - Set - Yukon River!                                 

Some things just feed your soul!  

And we're back home in my studio. Hey I had so much fun I just might compose a song about it.


On July 24th 2016 I was invited to join the folks down at Poetry New West in New minster B.C. Here is a selection of me sharing a few of my creative works on that afternoon. ~ Videos courtesy of Ken Ader 'The Video Guy'.