Trip down to The Big Smoke in August 2015. 


Travelling the Cariboo country is always a treat.

 I can always find me a good sittin' spot.

 I've been known to hug the odd tree.


Playing the Steinway in Vancouver.  Ah heaven!


Played this one too. Only $200,000 and it's yours!

Ah the beauty of Yukon Fall!

Just had to drop by my old haunt on my travels through the Chilkat Valley enroute to Haines Alaska.

 When you travel The Yukon there's often magic just around the corner.


Marley and I have walked many trails together. Always an adventure.


“there is just no place”– ©PJ Yukon March 2015


there is just no place

to put this kind of grief

the kind that weighs you down

like an anchor

stoops your back

and stops your life

in its



you can only take it

minute by minute

all too easy to slip

into an endless melancholy

too easy to drown

in an ocean-deep sorrow

one life gone is bad enough  

two – unthinkable


sometimes you laugh

sometimes you cry

sometimes you even forget

for just a little while

but then it sneaks up

to engulf you

like a raging purple flame

that sears the soul


you escape down the back trail

into the shadows

of the ice-stiffened pines

talk to the wind

search for god

the shriek of a mad raven

mocking your gloom

as he soars into his joy-filled sky


i mean we knew that dad was passing

but cathy i wasn’t ready

to let you go

we were going to laugh again –

hide our smokes in the bathroom

when i told you dad was leaving

you said i love you

it’s all we had


that day when i stood

in my wedding dress

you said i was beautiful

your heart just shone from your eyes

you watched over me that day

as only a sister will

i was so proud of you

for being you


today as i comb this darkened path

in search of light

i wonder

are you watching me now

as i turn in my sorrow


….as i lift my eyes to the sun

i hear your laughter

on the wind.