April 15 2024: My legal name is PJ. My last name used to be Johnson. I was advised that a published author's change of name could mean artistic suicide. Still I chose to lose the name. Who wants to be referred to by the last name of an abusive ex? Not me! Sign me: PJ Yukon!


PS The legalities are in the works.


February 2024: Every now and then I come across a few of these - honours given to me by various organizations. As an artist it is always appreciated to be recognized for the work you do however the thruth is I don't do it for the recognition. I do it to share my heart. Most poets do.


A little gem I penned 35 years ago



how can i


how can i sit and write poetry 

when children are dying in the street 

and the sky is a sea of red madness

that is burning my feet


how can i look you in the eye 

and see only yesterdays

and the steel trap of a mind that i know

will never change

how can i pardon myself 

for knowing the bitter truth of you

and never choosing
to run


©PJ Yukon January 9 2024



God Is


God is my comfort. The very air I breathe. The land I walk. The blueness of an October sky.


God is the happy song of birds returning to the north. The welcome bloom of a summer rose. The sunshine reflected in my puppy's eyes.


God is the sudden slap of a beaver tail. The soulful echo of the loon across the lake. The warm caress of the breeze that blows away my cares.


God is the soul-stirring scream of a high-flown eagle. The joyful buzz of a honey bee. The arc of a brilliant rainbow that shines and brings new hope.


There is no escaping it. No running away. We are surrounded. God simply is



©PJ Yukon February 12 2024