because i am a sled dog

because i am a sled dog ©PJ Yukon 2017


because i am a sled dog

i have no voice

i can only speak to you

with my eyes

with my bark

and with the wagging of my tail


if i could talk to you

i would tell you that i worship you

and that my only wish

is to be with you

to be loved and adored

and to be wanted for who i am


i would tell you

i am a living breathing being

much like you

that feels love and joy and pain

and if i could only speak to you in words

i would tell you all these things


i would tell you i am here

to do your bidding

even if that means running a thousand miles

in a brutal race i didn’t choose to run

even if it means

i might suffer and die


for you are my world

my greatest joy

and i only live to please you  

i would protect you with my life

if you asked me to

all i ask in return


is that you love me back



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