Looking Back - The Yukon Raven Lady Becomes Poet Laureate!


                      Me and my guitar. It was always about the music



 Me and Yukon Artist Jim Robb                                          My official 'Raven Maniac' campaign button


  Nine months after I first waged my Raven Campaign the northern raven
  became The Yukon's official territorial bird



                         Art class with Yukon artist Ted Harrison 1978

                               Lady Trucker

I once drove a semi truck on the Alaska Highway and also did some long-haul.
That's how I got to see California!


              With my good bud Peter Gzowski - Host of CBC's "Morningside"


 With Peter Gzowski, Yukon MP Audrey McGlaughlin, actor C. David Johnson,
 and rocker Valdy at the Peter Gzowski Invitational Golf Tournament for Literacy



I was honoured to serve as poet laureate at the first PGI Golf Tournament held in The Yukon - Celebrating with C. David Johnson, Ron MacLean, Cynthia Dale, Shelley Ambrose and others.


Actor Roy Ness, me, and director Mike Ivens - cast and crew of my play
"Dance of the Northern Lights"  which premiered in Whitehorse at the
Yukon International Storytelling Festival and later in Ottawa at the 
National Gallery of Canada and the Astrolab Theatre

 Actor Roy Ness and me - Promo shot for"Dance of the Northern Lights"


 Always happy to promote Yukon writers!


                         PJ Yukon beside the S.S. Klondike in Whitehorse

                                Photograph courtesy of Will Webster