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On Canada Day July 1st 1994 PJ Yukon (formerly pj johnson) was formally invested and became the first official Poet Laureate of the Yukon and the first officially-invested Poet Laureate in Canada.  More at: About Me



PJ Yukon, also the daughter of a Yukon trapper says, "I grew up wearing Mukluks but I have never trapped a day in my life. I don't eat meat and I no longer wear fur. I am an animal rights advocate." More Here: ANIMAL RIGHTS ADVOCACY


PJ Yukon - In her own words

The Yukon is my homeland. It is a glorious 186,000 thousand square miles of some of the most pristine wilderness in the world. We are the jewel in Canada's crown and sled dogs have always been our helpmates. As an animal rights advocate I campaign to protect them. More Here: https://pj-johnson-yukon-poet-laureate.webnode.page/pj-johnson-animal-advocate/

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Pour yourself a coffee and have a look around. Enjoy a savory slice of Yukon as you browse through a few poems, videos, and photographs to get a taste of what it's all about straight from the Land of the Midnight Sun!



PJ's latest book "it's howlin' time!" chronicling the life & times of a Northern Canadian Poet Laureate is available via Mac's Fireweed Bookstore in Whitehorse Yukon. https://www.macsbooks.ca/

Treat yourself to a slice of Yukon straight from the Land of the Midnight Sun! "it's howlin' time!" chronicles the life & times of Canadian Poet Laureate pj johnson! Available at: https://www.macsbooks.ca/ and on Amazon www.amazon.ca/its-howlin-time-johnson-Laureate/dp/0986747602. #Yukon #PoetLaureate #Canadian #writingcommunity #amwriting #SledDogs #AnimalRights

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*Please take a moment to sign and share the petition to help raise awareness of the desperate plight of the Northern Sled dogs. When you speak for those who have no voice your soul smiles. bit.ly/32Pq0bI
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