In Memory of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II










our queen

was made of loyalty

truth. endurance

and 70 years

upon the throne


our queen

was made of granite


and an indelible faith

that gave us hope


our queen

was the commonwealth

and the church of england

she wore them proudly

like a badge of honour


our queen witnessed

the destruction

and the devastation of war

and pledged herself

to a lifetime of service


our queen

was home and family

horses trees and dogs

and a lesson on how to live 

a good life


our queen was

motherhood and monarchy

and little red boxes

that arrived every day

except on christmas


our queen

was paddington bear

dinner on sunday

and a cup of tea with a slice

of chocolate biscuit cake


our queen

was a trailblazer

an original who

like this very moment in time

can never be replaced


our queen

was the light that shone

in the hearts

in the minds 

and in the will of the people


may her memory forever shine

upon the throne of england


©PJ YUKON Feb 24 2023